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The oral administration of thermophile-fermented compost extract and its influence on stillbirths and growth rate of pre-weaning piglets

Miyamoto, Hirokuni, Kodama, Hiroaki, Udagawa, Motoaki, Mori, Kenichi, Matsumoto, Jiro, Oosaki, Hatsumi, Oosaki, Tatsuo, Ishizeki, Masayuki, Ishizeki, Daisuke, Tanaka, Ryusuke, Matsushita, Teruo, Kurihara, Yuriko, Miyamoto, Hisashi
Research in veterinary science 2012 v.93 no.1 pp. 137-142
fermentation, foods, retrospective studies, weanlings, composts, fetal death, farms, parturition, physiological response, Bacillales, sows, neonates, oral administration, piglets, bacteria
Food produced via fermentation with mesophilic bacteria has been used to confer health benefits. In contrast, mammalian physiological responses to the intake of thermophile-fermented products have not been thoroughly investigated. We examined the effects of administering a compost extract consisting of fermented marine animals with thermophiles, including Bacillaceae, to pregnant sows and piglets. Retrospective studies were performed on two different swine farms (n=330–1050 sows). The rate of stillbirth was markedly lower in all parities of the compost extract-fed group compared to those of the control group (p≦0.001). Additionally, the birth to weaning period of newborns was significantly shorter (p<0.0001), while the ratio of weanlings per liveborn piglets was increased by more than 6.5% in the compost extract-fed group. Thus thermophiles and their products in the compost extract might promote growth and reduce stillbirths of piglets during the birth to weaning period.