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Effect of reduction of oxygen concentration in modified atmosphere packaging on bovine M. longissimus lumborum and M. gluteus medius quality traits

Łopacka, Joanna, Półtorak, Andrzej, Wierzbicka, Agnieszka
Meat science 2017 v.124 pp. 1-8
beef, carbon dioxide, cattle, color, lipid peroxidation, longissimus muscle, modified atmosphere packaging, myoglobin, oxygen, steaks, storage time
This paper reports the impact of modified atmosphere gas compositions with different concentrations of CO2/O2/N2 on physicochemical traits of beef steaks from M. longissimus lumborum and M. gluteus medius. Samples were stored at +2°C for 12days. The gas compositions were as follows: (i) 50% O2/20% CO2/30% N2 (MAP1), (ii) 65% O2/20% CO2/15% N2 (MAP2) and (iii) 80% O2/20% CO2 (MAP3). Packaging atmosphere did not affect CIEL*a*b* colour coordinates, which were affected by storage time and by muscle type. Lipid oxidation in M. longissimus lumborum was affected by packaging treatment; however packaging treatment×storage time interaction affected lipid oxidation significantly. Results showed that reduction of oxygen from the commercially used 80% to 50% does not negatively impact colour properties and state of myoglobin, but significantly lowers oxidative deterioration of M. longissimus lumborum at the end of storage.