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Exogenous apelin changes alpha and beta myosin heavy chain mRNA expression and improves cardiac function in PTU-induced hypothyroid rats

Faraji Shahrivar, Farzaneh, Badavi, Mohammad, Dianat, Mahin, Mard, Ali, Ahangarpour, Akram, Samarbaf-zadeh, Alireza
Gene 2016 v.595 no.1 pp. 25-30
cardiac output, contractile proteins, drinking water, drugs, energy, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, gene expression, heart, heart rate, hypothyroidism, ligands, males, messenger RNA, metabolism, myosin heavy chains, propylthiouracil, rats, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, thyrotropin
The most important conditions associated with hypothyroidism is the cardiac dysfunction. Apelin is an endogenous ligand, involved in energy storage and metabolism which improves cardiac contractility. This study was done to evaluate the effects of apelin, l-Thyroxin (T4) or a combination of both, on cardiac function and mRNA expression of two contractile proteins, α and β myosin heavy chain (α-MHC and β-MHC), in 6-propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU)-induced hypothyroid rats. Forty male Wistar rats were randomly assigned into five groups: Ctrl (Control), and 4 hypothyroid groups (H, HA, HT, and HAT). The Hypothyroid (H) group received 0.05% PTU in the drinking water for six weeks; the next 3 groups, along with PTU, received apelin (HA, 200μg/kg/day, ip), T4 (HT, 20μg/kg/day, gavage), or a combination of both drugs (HAT) for the last 2weeks (weeks 5 and 6). TSH and T4 were measured using ELISA kit. Isolated hearts of animals were perfused in Langendorff apparatus and left ventricular developed pressure, cardiac contractility, heart rate, rate pressure product and perfusion pressure were assessed using PowerLab ADInstruments. In addition α-MHC and β-MHC mRNA expression were evaluated by RT-PCR method in heart tissue. Apelin alone or accompanied by T4 significantly increased cardiac contractility and performance as compared to hypothyroid group. Apelin also significantly increased the alpha-MHC mRNA expression and in the presence of T4 significantly decreased beta-MHC mRNA expression.It seems that apelin alone may improve cardiac function in hypothyroid rats via genomic pathways.