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Expression patterns of NLRC5 and key genes in the STAT1 pathway following infection with Salmonella pullorum

Qiu, Lingling, Ma, Teng, Chang, Guobin, Liu, Xiangping, Guo, Xiaomin, Xu, Lu, Zhang, Yang, Zhao, Wenming, Xu, Qi, Chen, Guohong
Gene 2017 v.597 pp. 23-29
chickens, cluster analysis, genes, humans, immune response, interferons, point mutation, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, tissues, transcription factor NF-kappa B
NLRC5, a protein belonging to the NOD-like receptor protein family (NLRs), is highly expressed in immune tissues and cells. NLRC5 plays an important role in the immune response of humans, where its regulatory mechanism has been elucidated. However, the function and regulation of NLRC5 in chickens remains unclear. In this study, temporal expression characteristics of NLRC5 and associated genes in the STAT1 pathway in chickens following infection with Salmonella pullorum were investigated using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and hierarchical cluster analyses. The role of transcription factor STAT1 in NLRC5 promoter activity was studied via point mutation of the STAT1-binding cis-element and dual-luciferase assays. Our results showed a strong correlation between NLRC5 and NF-κB. In addition, STAT1 played a crucial role in NLRC5 promoter activity, and may be activated via the interferon pathway. There was also a close relationship between CD80 and NF-κB, and CD80 may up-regulate NF-κB expression and enhance its protein activity in chickens. These findings reveal the temporal characteristics of chicken NLRC5 and STAT1 genes during S. pullorum infection, and highlight the role of STAT1 in NLRC5 promoter activity. This information aids our understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of NLRC5 and associated genes, and will help elucidate their function in the immune response of chickens.