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Cleaner production, project management and Strategic Drivers: An empirical study

de Guimarães, Julio Cesar Ferro, Severo, Eliana Andrea, Vieira, Pedro Senna
Journal of cleaner production 2017 v.141 pp. 881-890
business enterprises, managers, manufacturing, structural equation modeling, surveys, wastes
Cleaner Production is an important means for systematically reducing waste. For its successful implementation, it is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the factors that can influence this process, such as the identification of decision criteria and an effective methodology for managing projects and implementing strategies to reach expected results. Based on the relevance of these themes, this research aims to measure relationships and correlations between constructs such as Strategic Drivers, Project Management Maturity and Cleaner Production Success, considering the moderating effect of business size. A survey of 238 manufacturing companies was used to test this hypothesis. For data analysis and interpretation, we used Structural Equation Modeling, which was implemented using a descriptive research method. Survey results show relationship strengths and correlations among the constructs, contributing to Cleaner Production research and allowing managers to make more assertive decisions. As a main result, this research points to the conclusion that there is a close relationship among Strategic Drivers, the Project Management Maturity construct, and Cleaner Production Success, as applied to the context of Brazilian industries.