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Development of an Integrated Micro-Environmental Monitoring System for Construction Sites

Wong, Man Sing, Mok, Esmond, Wang, Tingneng, Yong, Zhao
Procedia Environmental Sciences 2016 v.36 pp. 207-214
algorithms, dust, humidity, monitoring, temperature, ultraviolet radiation
This paper demonstrates the design and development of an Integrated micro-Environmental Monitoring System (IEMS), which aims to provide an effective platform for micro-environmental monitoring in construction sites. The system mainly comprises three parts: sensing device, server platform and Android application. The monitoring sensing device is equipped with an Arduino microprocessor, wireless communication modules and environmental sensors including humidity, temperature, dust intensity, UV radiation, noise index sensors. In addition, a correction algorithm and a random error detection method were developed and integrated in the processing engine running at the background server platform. Multiple sets of monitoring sensing devices were deployed in a construction site for evaluation. This system is the first ever developed and used system in construction sites to monitor micro-environmental conditions for improving safety and health assessment. This system can also be modified for other applications (e.g. in bus terminal, shopping mall, factory, as well as in household apartment).