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Evaluation of biological activities of a groundnut (Apios americana Medik) extract containing a novel isoflavone

Takashima, Mizuki, Nara, Kazuhiro, Niki, Etsuo, Yoshida, Yasukazu, Hagihara, Yoshihisa, Stowe, Mayumi, Horie, Masanori
Food chemistry 2013 v.138 no.1 pp. 298-305
Apios americana, alcohols, antioxidant activity, breasts, carcinoma, cell membranes, enzymes, free radicals, gene expression, glutathione, heme, humans, isoflavones, soybeans
Groundnut (Apios americana Medik) contains a novel isoflavone, genistein-7-O-gentiobioside. In the present study, we examined the biological activities of an alcohol extract of groundnut containing genistein-7-O-gentiobioside as the main component. Although the groundnut extract by itself did not show antioxidative activity, it drove the antioxidative system in cells. Pretreatment of human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells for 24h with the groundnut extract and soybean isoflavone increased gene expression of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), a major antioxidative stress enzyme. These groundnut extract-treated cells showed antioxidative activity against free radicals derived from a radical initiator. Pretreatment of cells with 100μg/mL groundnut extract prevented the depletion of glutathione by the radical initiator; however, treatment with 100μg/mL of soybean isoflavone injured the cell membrane, indicating that glutathione might be released to the extracellular environment. These results suggest that the groundnut extract had isoflavone-like activity. Like soybean, groundnuts are a good source of isoflavones.