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Grain Yield and Yield Components at Triticale under Different Technological Conditions

Dumbravă, Marin, Ion, Viorel, Epure, Lenuţa Iuliana, Băşa, Adrian Gheorghe, Ion, Nicoleta, Duşa, Elena Mirela
Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 2016 v.10 pp. 94-103
Helianthus annuus, autumn, corn, crops, field experimentation, grain yield, harrowing, inflorescences, latitude, longitude, nitrogen, plowing, seedbed preparation, spring, starch, tillering, triticale, water content, yield components
The aim of this paper is to present the results regarding the yield and the yield components we have obtained at two triticale varieties studied under different preceding crops, different soil tillage conditions, and different nitrogen application conditions. In this respect, two triticale varieties (Tulus and Gorun 1) were studied under the following technological conditions: two preceding crop (sunflower and maize), two soil tillage (ploughing and harrowing), and six nitrogen application variants (0+0+0kg.ha-1, 40+40+40kg.ha-1, 40+80+0kg.ha-1, 0+40+80kg.ha-1, 0+80+40kg.ha-1, and 0+120+0kg.ha-1, respectively first application in autumn, before seedbed preparation, second application in spring, in the tillering growing stage, and third application in spring, in the two nodes growing stage). Researches were performed in a field experiment under rainfed conditions in the agricultural year 2013-2014. The field experiment was located on a reddish preluvosoil within the Experimental Farm Moara Domneasca (44° 29’44” North latitude and 26° 15’28.5” East longitude) belonging to the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest. There were determined the yield at 14% moisture content, the number of ears per square meter, the yield components of the ears (ear length; number of fertile spikelets per ear; number of sterile spikelets per ear; number of grains per ear; number of grains per spikelet; grain weight per ear), and the yield quality (thousand grain weight, hectoliter weight, protein contend and starch content of the grains).