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A New Early Ripening Table Grape Cultivar Obtained in Pietroasa Research Station: Vitis vinifera L. cv. Mihaela

Dumitru, Elena, Antoce, Arina Oana
Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 2016 v.10 pp. 215-221
Vitis vinifera, crossing, cultivars, imports, markets, new variety, ripening, table grapes, Romania
The evolution of the internal Romanian market for table grapes in recent years suggests that there are occasional problems with the supply, sometimes requiring imports, as well as a need for early maturing varieties, which can bring important benefits for both producers and consumers. This paper presents some data regarding a promising new variety of table grapes, Mihaela, obtained at the Pietroasa Research Station located in Buzău county, Romania, by crossing of Vitis vinifera varieties Cardinal and Coarnă neagră, the last being the maternal ancestor. Presented data includes ampelographic features, agrobiological and technological traits for the new Mihaela cultivar, as well as for its parent varieties. The results recorded thus far present Mihaela as a valuable early ripening variety which could be a good addition to the table grapes assortment of many producers.