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What are the challenges of setting up a biomass fueled dimethylether plant in Växjö?

Baudin, Anders, Nordvall, Hans-Olof
Biomass and bioenergy 2011 v.35S1 pp. S167
biomass, economic impact, employment, imports, liquid petroleum gas, markets, mixing, raw materials, stumps
The main challenges of setting up a 400 kt y⁻¹ biomass fueled dimethylether plant in the city of Växjö consist not only of evaluating social and economic impact but also exploring ways to initiate and develop the market for DME. One way of initiating and developing the market for DME is by mixing DME with LPG. In the longer perspective, DME can be a substitute to diesel which, however, requires a consistent orchestrated strategy. For the raw material situation it is indicated that the main bulk of logging residues and stumps can be obtained near the city and to a lesser extent from adjacent regions supplemented with marginal imports. The employment effects are considerable; a positive net effect of 550–750 full-time jobs is expected. The geographical localization of jobs will to a large extent be in or near Växjö (for operation of the plant), and nearby regions (for collection of raw material and transports).