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Effect of phosphorus supply on plant productivity, photosynthetic efficiency and bioactive-component production in Prunella vulgaris L. under hydroponic condition

Yu, ManMan, Chen, YuHang, Zhu, ZaiBiao, Liu, Li, Zhang, LiXia, Guo, QiaoSheng
Journal of plant nutrition 2016 v.39 no.12 pp. 1672-1680
Prunella vulgaris, biomass production, carotenoids, chlorophyll, correlation, flavonoids, growth performance, hydroponics, oleanolic acid, phosphorus, photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, ursolic acid
We have examined the influence of four phosphorus (P) levels on growth performance, photosynthetic efficiency and bioactive phytochemical production of Prunella vulgaris L. in hydroponic culture. Results that 0.20 mM P was enhanced the dry weight, shoot height, spica and root weights, spica length and number, total chlorophyll and carotenoid contents, net photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, and stomatal conductance were determined after three months' treatment. A supply of surplus P resulted in a higher concentration of foliar P and was negatively correlated with biomass. Both P-deficient (0 mM) and high P (10.00 mM) resulted in increased concentrations of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid, with the exception of flavonoids. An increase in water extract from P. vulgaris spicas was noted with the application of increasing P concentrations. Our results indicated that the application of 0.20 mM P improves the biomass production and the yield of bioactive constituents of P. vulgaris .