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Evaluation of Sialic Acid in Infant Feeding: Contents and Bioavailability

Claumarchirant, Lorena, Sanchez-Siles, Luis Manuel, Matencio, Esther, Alegría, Amparo, Lagarda, María Jesús
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2016 v.64 no.44 pp. 8333-8342
bioavailability, breast milk, colostrum, infant feeding, infant formulas, infants, ingredients, lactation, sialic acids
Sialic acid (Sia) contents and bioaccessibility (BA) in human milk (HM) and infant formulas (IFs) were determined, and Sia intakes by infants between 0 and 6 months of age were evaluated. Total Sia contents in HM decreased during lactation from 136.14 to 24.47 mg/100 mL. The total Sia contents in IFs (13.15–25.78 mg/100 mL) were lower than in HM and were not related to the addition of ingredients acting as sources of Sia in their formulation. The Sia intakes derived from IF consumption were lower than in HM, and only one IF reached the intakes provided by HM from the age of 2 months. Despite the lower total Sia content in IFs, the BA of Sia in IFs (88.08–92.96%) was significantly greater than in mature HM (72.51%) and similar to that found in colostrum (96.43%). However, the Sia contents in the available soluble fraction of IFs did not reach those provided by HM.