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Absorption of sulfur dioxide from simulated flue gas by polyethyleneimine-phosphoric acid solution

Bo, Wen, Li, Hongxia, Zhang, Junjie, Song, Xiangjia, Hu, Jinshan, Liu, Ce
Environmental technology 2016 v.37 no.23 pp. 3062-3070
absorbents, absorption, combustion, desorption, environmental technology, flue gas, flue gas desulfurization, fuels, pH, phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide, temperature
Clean fuel technologies have been widely developed in current society because fuel combustion can directly bring about the emission of hazardous gasses such as SO ₂. Flue gas desulfurization by polyethyleneimine (PEI)-phosphoric acid solution is an efficient desulfurization method. In this research, the PEI and the additive H ₃PO ₄ were used as absorption solution. SO ₂ was absorbed by the system and desorbed from the loaded solution. The cycle operation was also analyzed. Some technology conditions such as the concentration of PEI, the temperature, the gas flow rate, the concentration of SO ₂ and the pH value were experimentally researched. With the optimized process, the absorption efficiency of this system could reach 98% and the desorption efficiency was over 60%, showing good absorption/desorption capability. With this efficient approach, the present study may open a new window for developing high-performance absorbents which can make SO ₂ be well desorbed from the loaded solution and better reused in the flue gas desulfurization.