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Microarray analysis of differential utilization of plant-based diets by rainbow trout

Overturf, Ken, Vallejo, Roger L., Palti, Yniv, Barrows, Frederick T., Parsons, James E.
Aquaculture international 2012 v.20 no.2 pp. 213
Oncorhynchus mykiss, chromosome mapping, computer software, expressed sequence tags, fish meal, gene expression, gene expression regulation, genes, immune response, ingestion, liver, mammals, oxidative stress, plant proteins, plant-based diet, sequence analysis
Microarray analysis was conducted using liver samples from two families of rainbow trout that differed in their growth responses when compared between individuals fed a fishmeal or plant protein-based diet. Differential expression relating to dietary utilization between the two families found significant changes in expression of 33 expressed sequence tags (ESTs). Eight of the differentially expressed ESTs had identified mammalian homologs that had been previously researched with identified cellular interactions and functions. Utilizing pathway analysis software to analyze sequences annotated with known mammalian genes, we were able to map gene pathways and process interactions. From this information, we were able to infer that the metabolic changes associated with utilization of plant protein versus fishmeal were associated with differential regulation of genes related to cell oxidative stress, proliferation, growth and survival. Furthermore, we inferred from the changes we observed in immune response gene expression that ingestion of this plant-based diet upregulated the expression of genes involved in immunoregulatory processes.