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Storage stability of cranberry puree products processed with hydrothermodynamic (HTD) technology

Chen, Yougui, Martynenko, Alex
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2017 v.79 pp. 543-553
ambient temperature, anthocyanins, bioactive compounds, brix, color, cranberries, fruit puree, pH, polyphenols, refrigerators, shelf life, storage temperature, total soluble solids
Storage stability of cranberry purees, processed with hydrothermodynamic (HTD) technology was studied for a period of 285 days. Three different formulations of cranberry puree were investigated: pure cranberry (PC); cranberry processed with natural sweetener (SC); and cranberry processed with natural sweetener and diluted with water (SCW). No significant difference in pH and soluble solid content (Brix) of all samples during storage was observed. The degradation kinetics of the bioactive compounds followed first-order reactions. Compared with other bioactive compounds, anthocyanins were the most stable at a 4 °C storage temperature with t1/2 from 248 to 330 days depending on the puree formulation. At room temperature, the stability of anthocyanins was significantly smaller than that of PACs and polyphenols. Addition of natural sweetener reduced the storage stability of most bioactive compounds. Colour of processed cranberry puree significantly degraded with time, temperature and addition of sweetener. The study suggested refrigerator storage of HTD processed cranberry products in order to increase their storage stability and shelf-life.