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Antioxidant activity of amino acids in soybean oil at frying temperature: Structural effects and synergism with tocopherols

Hwang, Hong-Sik, Winkler-Moser, Jill K.
Food chemistry 2017 v.221 pp. 1168-1177
antioxidant activity, antioxidants, arginine, cysteine, frying, frying oil, hydroquinone, lysine, methionine, phenol, potatoes, soybean oil, synergism, temperature, thiols, tocopherols, tryptophan
The purpose of this study was to evaluate amino acids as natural antioxidants for frying. Twenty amino acids were added to soybean oil heated to 180°C, and the effects of amino acid structure on the antioxidant activity were investigated. Amino acids containing a thiol, a thioether, or an extra amine group such as arginine, cysteine, lysine, methionine, and tryptophan had the strongest antioxidant activities. At 5.5mM, these amino acids had stronger antioxidant activities than 0.02% (1.1mM) tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). A functional group such as an amide, carboxylic acid, imidazole, or phenol appeared to negatively affect amino acid antioxidant activity. Synergism between amino acids and tocopherols was demonstrated, and we found that this synergistic interaction may be mostly responsible for the antioxidant activity that was observed. In a frying study with potato cubes, 5.5mM l-methionine had significantly stronger antioxidant activity than 0.02% TBHQ.