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Assessment of the small modular reactor (SMR) marketing using modified network dynamics-based system dynamics (SD) method

Woo, Tae Ho
International journal of green energy 2016 v.13 no.15 pp. 1626-1633
algorithms, exports, marketing strategies, methodology, models, nuclear power, power plants
Following the export success of the South Korean small modular reactor (SMR), it has been investigated for the marketing strategy of nuclear power plants (NPPs). The information feedback oriented method for the social-business matters, system dynamics (SD), is applied to the assessment of the marketing strategy in which the forecasting skills are performed. Each element has the Boolean value as 0 or 1 in which the values are selected by the random number generation. If the generated values are higher than the designed value decided by the operator, it is 1. Otherwise, it is 0. The networking based dynamical modeling is discussed. The modification of the linear networking is changed by the SD algorithm where the feedback and multiple connections are added to the original network dynamics theory. This new method has shown the complexity of the marketing strategy, especially for the NPPs.