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A review on optimization techniques for sizing of solar-wind hybrid energy systems

Singh, Shakti, Singh, Mukesh, Kaushik, S. C.
International journal of green energy 2016 v.13 no.15 pp. 1564-1578
algorithms, artificial intelligence, case studies, computer software, cost effectiveness, energy, planning, renewable energy sources, researchers, system optimization, wind
Solar and wind are inexhaustible, abundant, environmentally friendly and freely available renewable energy sources. Integration of these two sources has always been a complex optimization problem which requires efficient planning, designing and control strategies. Many researchers have designed cost effective and efficient hybrid solar-wind energy systems by using various available software tools and optimization algorithms. With the advancement in artificial intelligence methods, various new optimization techniques have been developed in the last few decades. This paper presents state of the art optimization methods applied to hybrid renewable based energy systems. A brief introduction of each technique is presented along with papers published in different reputed journals. This article also reviews different power management, control strategies and multi-objective optimization methods used for hybrid wind-solar systems. A case study is presented to demonstrate the efficacy of some of the algorithms.