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LC–MS profiling of glucosinolates in the seeds of Brassica elongata Ehrh., and of the two stenoendemic B. botteri Vis and B. cazzae Ginzb. & Teyber

Montaut, Sabine, Blažević, Ivica, Ruščić, Mirko, Rollin, Patrick
Natural product research 2017 v.31 no.1 pp. 58-62
Brassica elongata, glucosinolates, provenance, seed extracts, seeds, Croatia
The glucosinolates (GLs) present in seed extracts of Brassica elongata Ehrh., B. botteri Vis and B. cazzae Ginzb. & Teyber from Croatia were identified by LC–MS. 4-Hydroxyindol-3-ylmethyl GL (3) was the major GL in the seeds of B. elongata , along with the four minor GLs 2-(R)-hydroxy-3-butenyl- (1), 3-butenyl- (2), 4-pentenyl- (4) and indol-3-ylmethyl (5). The seeds of B. botteri (Vis island) and B. cazzae (Sušac island) contained 2 as the major GL as well as 1 , 3 , 5 and 4-methoxyindol-3-ylmethyl GL (6). However, the GLs in B. botteri (Palagruža island) differed from other varieties having 2-propenyl GL (7) as the major GL in the seeds, and the four minor GLs 2 , 3 , 5 and 6 . This first report of the GL content in the seeds of B. elongata, B. botteri and B. cazzae indicates that the unique GL profiles could be specific to the geographical origin of the plant.