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Adaptive unsupervised classification of polarimetric SAR images using the improved affinity propagation clustering algorithm

Hua, Wenqiang, Wang, Shuang, Liu, Hongying, Liu, Yachao, Jiao, Licheng
International journal of remote sensing 2016 v.37 no.24 pp. 6023-6040
algorithms, data collection, polarimetry, remote sensing, synthetic aperture radar
A robust automatic classification system is critical for polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POLSAR) terrain processing. In most of the conventional classification methods, the number of classes could not be calculated before classification. In this article, we present a new unsupervised classification algorithm with an adaptive number of classes for POLSAR data which is capable of estimating the class numbers automatically. The approach is mainly composed of three operations. First, region-based feature map combining the polarimetric statistical and spatial information is constructed based on the turbopixel method. This is followed by a clustering step performed through an improved affinity propagation clustering with Wishart distance. Finally, the result of the improved affinity propagation clustering is classified using Wishart classifier. The proposed approach takes the spatial information into consideration and makes good use of the inherent statistical characteristics of POLSAR data. The performance of the proposed classification approach on three real datasets is presented and analysed, and the experimental results show that the approach provides more accurate estimation under the condition of various numbers of classes compared with existing methods.