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Investigation of In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Wintergreen Oil in Rat Primary Neurons and N2a Neuroblastoma Cells

Celik, Kubra, Turkez, Hasan
Journal of essential oil-bearing plants 2016 v.19 no.6 pp. 1340-1350
DNA damage, Gaultheria procumbens, anticarcinogenic activity, antioxidant activity, brain, cell culture, cell proliferation, childhood, cytotoxicity, gel electrophoresis, genotoxicity, in vitro studies, leaves, neoplasms, neural crest, neurons, oils, oxidation, oxidative stress, rats, sympathetic nervous system, therapeutics, traditional medicine
Wintergreen oil is obtained from the leaves of a Gaultheria procumbens and is commonly used as a folk remedy. On the other hand neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer of the sympathetic nervous system that originates from developing neural crest cells and is the second most common solid tumour. It was aimed to investigate the biological activity of Wintergreen oil on primary rat healthy neuron and N2a neuroblastoma cell in relation with concentration for the first time in the extent of this study. The effects of Wintergreen oil at various concentrations (0-400 mg/L) on cell proliferation were determined on both cell culture types by 3-(4,5 dimetylthiazol -2-yl) - 2,5 diphenltetrazolium bromide assay. And total antioxidant capacity and total oxidative stress parameters were used for the assessments of in vitro oxidative effects. In addition, the genetic effect of Wintergreen oil on healthy and cancerous brain cells was assessed by single cell gel electrophoresis (or Comet assay). Our results clearly revealed that Wintergreen oil exhibited antioxidant activities at their low concentrations and cytotoxic at high concentrations. The mean values of the total scores of cells showing DNA damage (for Comet assay) was not found significantly different from the control values in both cell types. Again, Wintergreen oil showed weak anticarcinogenic activity against neuroblastoma cells. In conclusion, within the light of the findings of this in vitro study, it is possible to denote that Wintergreen oil has low potential in cancer prevention and therapy.