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Antioxidant Activities of Citrus Albedo and Flavedo Fragments Against Fish Lipid Oxidation

Yerlikaya, Pinar, Gokoglu, Nalan, Topuz, Osman Kadir, Gumus, Bahar, Aydan Yatmaz, Hanife
Journal of aquatic food product technology 2016 v.25 no.8 pp. 1339-1347
Citrus aurantium, absorbance, albedo (citrus fruit), antioxidant activity, ethanol, fish, grapefruits, lipid peroxidation, lipids, oxidation, peroxide value, sensory evaluation, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances
This research aimed to inhibit the oxidation of fish lipid by adding the ethanol extracts of albedo and flavedo fragments of grapefruit, sour orange, and bergamot. The samples were stored at 25°C, and analyses were performed on weekly intervals. The albedo fragments of sour orange extract had the highest antioxidant activity (0.342 ± 0.002 µM Trolox) and total phenolic content (5.29 ± 0.00 g GAE/100 g dry matter). Lipid oxidation increased rapidly in control samples compared to the extract treatments. The lowest scores for thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), para-anisidine value, peroxide value, and UV absorbance values were determined in sour orange albedo extracts as 5.21 mg MDA/kg, 17.81 and 4.78 meq O ₂/kg, 2.24, and 0.403, respectively, at the end of the storage. More successful results were obtained with the peels of grapefruit and bergamot in supressing the lipid oxidation. Bergamot extract was the most preferred citrus in terms of sensory analyses.