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Generation efficiency improvement of IGCC with CO2 capture by the application of the low temperature reactive shift catalyst

Sasaki, Takashi, Suzuki, Tomoko, Akasaka, Yasufumi, Takaoka, Masaki
Energy 2017 v.118 pp. 60-67
carbon dioxide, carbon sequestration, catalysts, coal, gasification, molybdenum, nickel, temperature
We have examined applicability to an integrated coal gasification combined cycle with carbon capture and storage (IGCC-CCS) system for Ni/Mo/TiO2 catalyst (Ni/Mo/Ti), which is a sulfur-tolerant water-gas shift (WGS) catalyst (sour shift catalyst), developed for the purpose of generation efficiency improvement for the IGCC-CCS system. First, we carried out a 1000-h continuous experiment for the H2O/CO ratio of 1.2 mol/mol and catalyst inlet temperature of 200 °C. The CO conversion rate maintained the initial activity for 1000 h and the catalyst crystal form after the experiment was not changed. Next, we estimated the effect of generation efficiency improvement for the IGCC-CCS system with the generating-end output of 370 MW by application of Ni/Mo/Ti. We estimated the net thermal efficiency for the H2O/CO ratio of 1.2 mol/mol was improved +0.8% points in comparison with that for the ratio of 1.6 mol/mol and could become 40.0% (HHV). The application of Ni/Mo/Ti to the IGCC-CCS system was judged to have a good prospect for contributing to efficiency improvement.