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Pervaporation performance comparison of hybrid membranes filled with two-dimensional ZIF-L nanosheets and zero-dimensional ZIF-8 nanoparticles

Liu, Guanhua, Jiang, Zhongyi, Cao, Keteng, Nair, Sankar, Cheng, Xuanxuan, Zhao, Jing, Gomaa, Hassan, Wu, Hong, Pan, Fusheng
Journal of membrane science 2017 v.523 pp. 185-196
artificial membranes, ethanol, nanoparticles, nanosheets, pervaporation, sieving, sodium alginate
Two kinds of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (two-dimensional ZIF-L nanosheets and zero-dimensional ZIF-8 nanoparticles) with the same building blocks were synthesized. Both the ZIF-L and ZIF-8 materials were incorporated into sodium alginate (SA) matrix to fabricate hybrid membranes for pervaporation dehydration of ethanol. At the filler content of 4wt%, the ZIF-L-filled membrane displayed permeation flux of 1218g/(m²h) and separation factor of 1840, while the ZIF-8-filled membrane displayed permeation flux of 879g/(m²h) and separation factor of 678. The superior separation performance of the ZIF-L-filled membrane is due to the following two reasons: the ordered alignment and the regular apertures of ZIF-L rendered ordered water channels for rapid transport of water molecules; the suitable apertures of ZIF-L rendered the desirable molecular sieving effect. Furthermore, the hybrid membranes exhibited both good swelling resistance as well as thermal and mechanical stability. This is a step forward in realizing superior performance of hybrid membranes incorporating two-dimensional porous fillers for separation processes.