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Overexpression of a stress-responsive U-box protein gene VaPUB affects the accumulation of resistance related proteins in Vitis vinifera ‘Thompson Seedless’

Jiao, Li, Zhang, Yali, Lu, Jiang
Plant physiology and biochemistry 2017 v.112 pp. 53-63
Arabidopsis, Plasmopara viticola, Vitis amurensis, Vitis vinifera, biotic stress, carbon, cold stress, cold treatment, downy mildew, energy metabolism, gene overexpression, genes, genetically modified organisms, grapes, heat, leaves, microstructure, models, oxidation, pathogenesis-related proteins, pathogens, protein metabolism, proteome, salinity, vines
Many U-box proteins have been identified and characterized as important factors against environmental stresses such as chilling, heat, salinity and pathogen attack in plant. Our previous research reported the cloning of a novel U-box protein gene VaPUB from Vitis amurensis ‘Zuoshanyi’ grape and suggested a function of it in related to cold stress in the model plant Arabidopsis system. In this study, the role of VaPUB in response to biotic and abiotic stress was further analyzed in the homologous grapevine system by studying the transcript regulation and the protein accumulation in VaPUB transgenic vines. The expression analysis assay shown that VaPUB was significantly up-regulated 6 h after cold treatment and as early as 2 h post inoculation with Plasmopara viticola, a pathogen causing downy mildew disease in grapevine. Over-expressing VaPUB in V. Vinifera ‘Thompson Seedless’ affected the microstructure of leaves. The proteome assay shown that the accumulation of pathogenesis-related protein PR10 and many proteins involved in carbon and energy metabolism, oxidation reaction and protein metabolism were significantly altered in transgenic vines. In comparison with wild type plants, the expression level of PR10 family genes was significantly decreased in VaPUB transgenic vines under P. viticola treatment or cold stress. Results from this study showed that the U-box protein gene PUB quickly responded to both biotic stress and abiotic stress and significantly influenced the accumulation of resistance related proteins in grapevine.