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Specific activity of Korean red ginseng saponin and non-saponin fractions in ageing-induced rat testicular dysfunction

Kopalli, Spandana Rajendra, Cha, Kyu-Min, Ryu, Ji-Hoon, Hwang, Seock-Yeon, Kim, Si-Kwan
Journal of functional foods 2017 v.29 pp. 226-237
Panax ginseng, animal models, blood chemistry, body weight, chemical elements, functional foods, histology, kinematics, rats, saponins, spermatogenesis, spermatozoa, synergism, testes
Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng Meyer, KRG) is a functional food with multiple therapeutic benefits. This study evaluated the fraction-specific effects of KRG in ageing-induced testicular dysfunction rat model. KRG water extract (KRG-WE; 200mg/kg), crude saponin (CS; 20mg/kg), and non-saponin (NS; 180mg/kg) fractions were administered orally for six months. Body weight increments, blood chemistry, histological parameters, sperm kinematics, expression levels of key spermatogenesis molecules and anti-oxidative enzyme status were determined in vehicle treated young and aged control groups. KRG-WE, CS and NS fractions significantly (p<0.05) ameliorated the ageing-induced testicular damage in all the parameters tested. Although total KRG-WE outperformed the tested activities, both CS and NS fractions also exhibited distinct effects in improving ageing-induced testicular dysfunction in rats. The potential non-saponin active constituents in combination with CS fraction might be responsible for such synergistic effect. More detailed study on the KRG-NS fraction active constituents is quite essential.