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Effects of Extenders on Fresh and Freezing Semen of Boer Goat

Yodmingkwan, Phakatip, Guntaprom, Somchit, Jaksamrit, Juggrid, Lertchunhakiat, Krittiya
Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 2016 v.11 pp. 125-130
Boer (goat breed), artificial vagina, bucks, cryopreservation, egg yolk, freezing, goats, semen, soybeans, sperm motility, viability
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of soybean lecithin and egg yolk on semen quality of Boer goats. Semen of the three Boer bucks was collected using artificial vagina. In the first experiment, the semen samples were preserved in liquid state and subsequently were diluted with Tris-fructose-citric acid (TFC), Tris-fructose-citric acid + 1.5% soybean lecithin (TFCSL) and Tris-fructose-citric acid + 2.5% egg yolk (TFCEY). In the second experiment, the semen samples were cryopreserved in various freezing media as the same treatment with experiment 1. The results from the first experiment indicated that sperm motility and viability in TFCEY were significantly greater than those of TFCSL (P<0.05). In the second experiment, there was no difference in post-thawing quality of semen in TFCEY and TFCSL. In conclusion, extender containing 1.5% soybean lecithin is an alternative for the preparation for freezing goat semen.