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Analysis of β2-agonists in cattle hair samples using a rapid UHPLC–ESI–MS/MS method

Di Stefano, Vita, Pitonzo, Rosa, Giaccone, Vita, Alongi, Angelina, Macaluso, Andrea, Cicero, Nicola, Cancemi, Gabriella, Ferrantelli, Vincenzo
Natural product research 2017 v.31 no.4 pp. 482-486
cattle, cattle feeding, drug residues, hairs, ionization, monitoring, tandem mass spectrometry, ultra-performance liquid chromatography
A simple and efficient method was developed for simultaneous analysis of five illegal residual β ₂-agonists in cattle hair. β ₂-Agonists were quantified by ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry operating in positive multiple-reaction monitoring mode. The method was validated as quantitative confirmatory method according to the EU Decision 2002/657/EC: instrumental linearity, specificity, precision, recovery, decision limit (CCα) and detection capability (CCβ) were evaluated. The recovery were greater than 90% and the method appeared suitable for the control of these β ₂-agonists in cattle hair samples with LOQ values between 4.9 and 5.5 μg/kg. This method could represent a simple and cheap approach to confirm β ₂-agonists contamination of cattle for feeding in a not invasive way and before slaughter operations.