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Changes in circulating lymphocyte subpopulations in pigs receiving therapeutic doses of ceftiofur and tulathromycin

Czyżewska-Dors, Ewelina, Kwit, Krzysztof, Pejsak, Zygmunt, Pomorska-Mól, Małgorzata
Journal of Veterinary Research 2016 v.60 no.4 pp. 481-487
blood, blood sampling, ceftiofur, flow cytometry, immune system, swine
Introduction: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of administration of therapeutic doses of ceftiofur and tulathromycin on the circulating lymphocyte subpopulations in healthy pigs. Material and Methods: The study was conducted on thirty healthy 7- to 10-week-old pigs, assigned to three groups: the TUL group, injected with tulathromycin (n = 10); the CEF group, injected with ceftiofur (n = 10); and the C group, the control with no antibiotic administration (n = 10). Blood samples were collected before, during, and after treatment with antimicrobials. Lymphocyte subpopulations circulating in the blood were determined by immunostaining and flow cytometry analyses. Results: Following administration of a therapeutic dose of tulathromycin, there were no changes in the lymphocyte subpopulations circulating in blood. In contrast, administration of ceftiofur at the recommended dose decreased the absolute number of CD3+, CD21+, CD4+CD8-, CD4-CD8+, and double positive CD4CD8 cells. Conclusion: Results from the study indicate that ceftiofur possesses the ability to modulate the immune system in healthy pigs by decreasing lymphocyte subpopulations circulating in blood.