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Content of selected amino acids in the gastrocnemius muscle during experimental hypothyroidism in rats

Gołyński, Marcin, Szpetnar, Maria, Tatara, Marcin R., Lutnicki, Krzysztof, Gołyńska, Magdalena, Kurek, Łukasz, Szczepanik, Marcin, Wilkołek, Piotr
Journal of Veterinary Research 2016 v.60 no.4 pp. 489-493
amino acid composition, drinking water, females, hypothyroidism, isoleucine, leucine, males, muscles, muscular diseases, oral administration, protein synthesis, rats, skeletal muscle, thyroid hormones
Introduction: Thyroid hormones affect protein turnover, and in the case of hypothyroidism a decrease in protein synthesis and reduced release of certain amino acids from skeletal muscles are observed. Changes in the amino acid system of skeletal muscles may be responsible for the occurrence of muscle disorders. Material and Methods: The study measured the content of selected amino acids in the gastrocnemius muscle of Wistar rats during experimental hypothyroidism induced by oral administration of methimazole at a concentration of 0.05% in drinking water for 90 d. The rats were divided into four groups: E1 (n = 6) - experimental males, E2 (n = 6) - experimental females, C1 (n = 6) - control males, and C2 (n = 6) control females. Results: A statistically significant reduction occurred in leucine, isoleucine, and 1-methylhistidine levels in males, and 1-methylhistidine in females, in comparison to the control groups. Conclusion: The hypothyroidism-induced changes in amino acid content may be responsible for the occurrence of skeletal muscle function disorders.