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Swainsonine-induced lysosomal storage disease in goats caused by the ingestion of Sida rodrigoi Monteiro in North-western Argentina

Micheloud, Juan Francisco, Marin, Raúl, Colque-Caro, Luis Adrian, Martínez, Olga Gladys, Gardner, Dale, Gimeno, Eduardo Juan
Toxicon 2017
Lens culinaris, Sida, agglutinins, alpha-mannosidosis, ataxia (disorder), concanavalin A, gait, glycoproteins, goat diseases, goats, histopathology, ingestion, plant poisoning, poisonous plants, toxicity, weight loss, wheat, Argentina
There are numerous poisonous plants that can induce intralysosomal accumulation of glycoproteins and neurologic syndromes. Here we describe for the first time, a disease caused by ingesting Sida rodrigoi Monteiro in goats in North-western Argentina. The animals showed weight loss, indifference to the environment, unsteady gait and ataxia. Histopathologic studies showed vacuolization in cells of various organs, mainly in the CNS. The material deposited in the cells was positive for LCA (Lens culinaris agglutinin), WGA (Triticum vulgaris agglutinin), sWGA (succinyl-Triticum vulgaris agglutinin) and Con-A (Concanavalia ensiformis agglutinin) lectins. Finally, toxic levels of swansonine were identified in the plant. The present investigation allowed to recognize S. rodrigoi Monteiro poisoning as a plant induced α-mannosidosis.