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Understanding the decay of proteins: A method to study time dependent response of pM concentration of insulin at microwave frequencies

Verma, Ritika, Daya, K.S.
MethodsX 2017 v.4 pp. 35-41
bioactive properties, insulin, metabolism, protein degradation, proteins
Bio-molecule when isolated from its natural ecological condition is subjected to rapid decay. This decay leads to change in polarization and permittivity of molecule. This study presents an experimental analysis of the decay pattern of pM concentration of insulin using whispering gallery mode (WGM) dielectric resonator (DR) method. Analysis is carried out by comparing the permittivity, relaxation time and time delay for three days. It is observed that different pM concentrations of insulin solutions start to decay after 24h at 5°C. Salient features of the present method are:•This method presents time dependent analysis to determine the activity of protein solution by measurement of permittivity, relaxation time and time delay.•In the present paper activity of pM concentration of Insulin in buffer solution is tested for three days.•This method is a general method and can be a fundamental basis to test the activity of bio-molecules in solution.