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Simultaneous quantification method for comparative pharmacokinetics studies of two major metabolites from geniposide and genipin by online mircrodialysis-UPLC–MS/MS B Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences

Zhang, Xueju, Liu, Shu, Pi, Zifeng, Liu, Zhiqiang, Song, Fengrui
Journal of chromatography 2017 v.1041-1042 pp. 11-18
animal disease models, blood, diabetes, herbal medicines, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, metabolites, microdialysis, pharmacokinetics, quantitative analysis, rats, toxicity
Genipin-1-o-glucuronic acid and genipin-monosulfate are two major metabolites from geniposide and genipin. Based on diabetic rat model, we developed a simultaneous quantification method to investigate their comparative pharmacokinetics by online mircrodialysis-ultra performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (MD-UPLC–MS/MS) without their standard compounds. Online microdialysis sampling could avoid unexpected contamination or degradation of the analytes during the storage and transfer steps. Combined with good sensitivity, selectivity and selectivity of UPLC–MS/MS, online MD-UPLC–MS/MS method could real-timely monitor metabolites in rat blood for quantitative analysis. Our research found that AUC0→t of genipin-1-o-glucuronic acid and genipin-monosulfate in blood of diabetic group were 17.68 and 7.58 times than those in normal group, respectively, and AUC0→t of genipin-1-o-glucuronic acid was 2.28 times than that of genipin-monosulfate in blood of diabetic group, which revealed the effect of diabetes on the pharmacokinetic properties of the two metabolites. This study not only provides an approach for pharmacokinetic studies for various metabolites from herb medicines, but also can predict druggability of their bioactive metabolites. The insight obtained should facilitate drug development and toxicity research.