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A facility for testing the aerodynamic and acoustic performance of bidirectional air turbines for ocean wave energy conversion

Moisel, Christoph, Carolus, Thomas H.
Renewable energy 2016 v.86 pp. 1340-1352
acoustic properties, air, energy conversion, guidelines, model validation, oceans, power plants, turbines, water power, water waves
Bidirectional air turbines are used in oscillating water column (OWC) power plants for harnessing ocean wave energy. This paper describes the bidirectional aerodynamic and aero-acoustic facility at the University of Siegen for model air turbines performance testing. At least nine test facilities are known worldwide, but their layout, the performance testing procedure and the presentation of performance data are not standardized to this day. The layout of the facility at the University of Siegen follows ideas in ISO 5801 for fan performance testing. The pressurized air supply is bidirectional but steady-state. Achievable values of Reynolds and Mach number of the test turbines are 1,000,000 and 0.5, respectively. In addition, the facility is equipped with acoustic attenuators in the air supply for allowing synchronous determination of aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics of a turbine.A good practice guideline for turbine performance testing and presentation is proposed by showing full sets of non-dimensional aerodynamic and acoustic performance characteristics from two sample model turbines. Eventually, a comparison of in situ data from a full-scale turbine in transient operation with scaled up steady-state model performance measurements underlines the usefulness of steady-state model performance testing.