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Spiders of the Orbiculariae clade (Araneae: Araneomorphae) from Calakmul municipality, Campeche, Mexico

Candia-Ramírez, Daniela T., Valdez-Mondragón, Alejandro
Revista mexicana de biodiversidad 2017 v.88 no.1 pp. 154-162
Araneae, new species, Mexico
A study was conducted to determine the biological richness of orb-weaver spiders from Calakmul municipality, Campeche, Mexico. Material deposited in the Colección Nacional de Arácnidos, Instituto de Biología, UNAM was revised. In addition, 16 collecting events were made in 14 localities of Calakmul municipality during this study. The collections were made using beating sheets and manual technique. A total of 1,151 specimens belonging to 8 families, 56 genera and 100 species were reviewed and identified. Two new species and 3 considered possibly new were found, which cannot be confirmed until specimens of both sexes are collected. According to previous studies and this work, 10 families, 65 genera and 119 species of spiders of orb-weaver spiders are present in Calakmul municipality, of which 4 families, 32 genera and 74 species are recorded for the first time. Furthermore, this work adds 3 genera and 10 species to the known diversity for the country, making a total of 14 families, 139 genera and 685 species of orb-weaver spiders recorded for Mexico.