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Simulation of maypole braiding process with multi-layer interlocking yarns

Kim, Sungmin
The journal of the Textile Institute 2017 v.108 no.4 pp. 579-585
computer software, fabrics, gears, mathematical models, yarns
A multi-layer maypole braiding simulation software has been developed. Arbitrary number of horn gears could be arranged along both circumferential and radial directions. Up to five spindles could be assigned to each gear for one axial and four radial yarns. Yarn paths were obtained by the iterative tracking of spindle movement instead of simple mathematical modeling. Spindles could migrate from one horn gear to another either on the same layer or on adjacent layers. Yarns interlocked with each other when spindle migrated between layers. With this method, two-dimensional paths of complex interlocked yarns were effectively traced, which were then converted into three-dimensional paths in consideration of the given braiding angle. Mandrel profile could be edited freely so that preforms of various shapes could be generated easily. Design variables such as total yarn length, fiber volume fraction, and building time could be calculated to be utilized for actual braiding processes.