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Management Elements Proposal for Sutla Natura 2000 Site

Bănăduc, Doru, Curtean-Bănăduc, Angela
Transylvanian review of systematical and ecological research 2016 v.17 no.1 pp. 143-152
Barbus meridionalis, Cottus gobio, Eudontomyzon, European Union, Gobio, Rhodeus, Romanogobio, Uranoscopus, Zingel, fauna, fish, gravel, heavy metals, invasive species, irrigation water, nitrogen, pesticides, riparian vegetation, wastewater, water management, Croatia, Slovenia
Following the accession of Croatia to the EU, a study was carried out on a Croatian Natura 2000 site which includes habitats used by the following fish species of conservation interest: Eudontomyzon vladykovi, Rhodeus sericeus amarus, Gobio uranoscopus, Romanogobio kesslerii, Barbus meridionalis, Zingel streber and Cottus gobio. Harmful effects on fish fauna were found due to: poorly-integrated water management, over-extraction of water for irrigation, fragmentation of riparian vegetation, low cooperation between environment institutions in Croatia and Slovenia, abuse of pesticides, uncontrolled waste water, sources of chemicals and heavy metals, leakage of nitrogen, habitats fragmentation due to dams and canals, non-native fish species, invasive species and gravel extraction. Specific management actions are proposed that take account of the different fish species of conservation interest and their specific biological and ecological requirements.