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Description of a second species of Nannogonalia Young, 1977 (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Cicadellini) from the Atlantic Forest of south Brazil

Cavichioli, Rodney R., dos Santos, Alana C., Mejdalani, Gabriel
Studies on neotropical fauna and environment 2017 v.52 no.1 pp. 11-17
Cicadellidae, Tettigonia, color, female genitalia, females, forests, males, new species, ovipositor, scientific illustration, taxon descriptions, Brazil
A second species of the poorly known sharpshooter genus Nannogonalia Young, 1977 is described and illustrated from the Atlantic Forest of south Brazil (state of Paraná). Types are deposited in DZUP. Nannogonalia inusitata n. sp. can be distinguished from the type-species (Tettigonia circumcincta Signoret, 1855) mainly by the color pattern and form of the male subgenital plates and female sternite VII. Nannogonalia circumcincta is newly recorded from the state of Paraná. The female genitalia of Nannogonalia are described in detail for the first time, based on the type-species and the new species. We discuss some peculiar features of the first and second ovipositor valvulae of this genus that were previously observed in Versigonalia Young, 1977.