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Assessment of marine debris on the coastal wetland of Martil in the North-East of Morocco

Alshawafi, Adel, Analla, Mohamed, Alwashali, Ebrahim, Aksissou, Mustapha
Marine pollution bulletin 2017 v.117 no.1-2 pp. 302-310
coasts, fisheries, foams, glass, lumber, metals, paper, rubber, seasonal variation, tourism, wastes, water pollution, wetlands, wood, Morocco
Plastic waste at the coastal wetland in Martil beach in the North-East of Morocco is one of the problems that have appeared recently. This study aims to characterize the marine debris in the coast of Martil during the year 2015. The sampling is seasonally by type and size. The result shows, for the macro debris, the abundance of plastic (57%), lumber and paper (21.93%), cloth and fabric (7.8%), glass (5.42%), metal (4.40%), and rubber (3.4%). Micro debris is also present in the area in several forms such as wood, plants, and others by 75,63%. This was followed by the foam (26,95%), line (7,8%), and the film (1,23%). The seasonal variation (S1: January–March and S3: July to September) are the most polluted months of the year. The sources of marine debris are mainly tourism (beach users), land (run off), and commercial fishing in the four seasons of the year.