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The effect of p-nitrophenol towards the structural characteristics and antioxidant activity of oil palm fronds (OPF) lignin polymers

Sa’don, Nurul Atiqah, Rahim, Afidah Abdul, Hussin, M. Hazwan
International journal of biological macromolecules 2017
Elaeis guineensis, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, antioxidant activity, delignification, differential scanning calorimetry, ethanol, fronds, hydrophobicity, lignin, molecular weight, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, p-nitrophenol, thermal analysis, thermogravimetry, water solubility
This article reports on the structural characteristics and antioxidant activity of unmodified autohydrolyzed ethanol organosolv lignin (AH EOL) extracted from oil palm fronds (OPF) and modified autohydrolyzed ethanol organosolv lignin via incorporation of p-nitrophenol (AHNP EOL). The isolated lignin were analyzed by FTIR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy, 2D NMR; HSQC and HMBC, CHN analysis, molecular weight distribution using GPC analyzer, thermal analysis; TGA and DSC. The chemical modification by utilizing an organic scavenger during delignification process provided smaller lignin fragments and enhanced the solubility of lignin by reducing its hydrophobicity properties. It was revealed that the antioxidant properties increased as compared to the unmodified organosolv lignin. Additionally, the modified lignin has better solubility in water (DAHNP EOL=35% >DAH EOL=25%).