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An improved protocol for harvesting Bacillus subtilis colony biofilms

Fuchs, Felix Matthias, Driks, Adam, Setlow, Peter, Moeller, Ralf
Journal of microbiological methods 2017 v.134 pp. 7-13
Bacillus subtilis, abiotic stress, biofilm, disinfectants, harvesting, industry, medicine
Bacterial biofilms cause severe problems in medicine and industry due to the high resistance to disinfectants and environmental stress of organisms within biofilms. Addressing challenges caused by biofilms requires full understanding of the underlying mechanisms for bacterial resistance and survival in biofilms. However, such work is hampered by a relative lack of systems for biofilm cultivation that are practical and reproducible. To address this problem, we developed a readily applicable method to culture Bacillus subtilis biofilms on a membrane filter. The method results in biofilms with highly reproducible characteristics, and which can be readily analyzed by a variety of methods with little further manipulation. This biofilm preparation method simplifies routine generation of B. subtilis biofilms for molecular and cellular analysis, and could be applicable to other microbial systems.