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The Gluten-Free Diet: Can Oats and Wheat Starch Be Part of It?

Poley, J. Rainer
Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2017 v.36 no.1 pp. 1-8
celiac disease, cultivars, gliadin, glutamine, gluten, gluten-free diet, oats, patients, proline, risk, uncertainty, wheat starch
Objective and Conclusion : Uncertainty still exists about the use of oats and wheat starch as part of a gluten-free diet in patients with celiac disease (CD). This review should help to clarify the issues at hand. Whereas uncontaminated (from gluten/gliadin) oats and oats from cultivars not containing celiac-activating sequences of proline and glutamine can be used without risk of intestinal damage, wheat starch should not be used, unless it is free of gluten—that is, deglutinized—because even small amounts of gluten over time are able to induce small intestinal mucosal damage.