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Ginger Extract-Loaded Solid Dispersion System with Enhanced Oral Absorption and Antihypothermic Action

Sato, Hideyuki, Ogino, Mizuki, Yakushiji, Keisuke, Suzuki, Hiroki, Shiokawa, Ken-ichi, Kikuchi, Hiroshi, Seto, Yoshiki, Onoue, Satomi
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2017 v.65 no.7 pp. 1365-1370
absorption, active ingredients, animal models, bioavailability, functional foods, ginger, hypothermia, oral administration, pharmacokinetics
The aim of this study is to enhance the antihypothermic action of ginger extract (GE) employing a solid dispersion (SD) approach. The prepared SD of GE (GE/SD) was characterized in terms of physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties. The antihypothermic action of GE samples was evaluated in a rat model of hypothermia. GE/SD exhibited improved dissolution behavior of the major active ingredients in GE, 6-gingerol (6G) and 8-gingerol (8G), with levels of dissolution 12- and 31-fold higher than that of GE, respectively. Even after storage under accelerated conditions, limited degradations of 6G and 8G were observed in GE/SD, although 6G and 8G were slightly degraded in GE. After oral administration of GE (300 mg/kg) and GE/SD (100 mg of GE/kg), the relative bioavailabilities of 6G and 8G in GE/SD were 5.0- and 5.8-fold higher than those in GE, respectively. Orally administered GE/SD (30 mg of GE/kg) inhibited ethanol-evoked hypothermia because of improved oral absorption of 6G and 8G. From these observations, the SD approach might be efficacious for enhancing the nutraceutical potentials of GE.