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Estimation of yield in raspberry fields in Ontario

Dale, A., Fisher, P.
Acta horticulturae 2016 no.1133 pp. 319-322
blight, branches, canes, cultivars, farms, growers, raspberries, Ontario
The yield potential of raspberry fields in Ontario was not known. Consequently, a method was devised to estimate this. Four 50-berry samples were weighed and the number of canes was counted in twenty random 1 m lengths of row. From each 1 m length of row, one cane was removed at random and the number of lateral branches and the number of berries on each lateral branch counted. In 1999-2000, 28 farms and seven cultivars were sampled. Potential marketable yield was calculated to be between 23.0 and 4.2 t ha-1, and yield losses between 17.0 and 0.5 t ha-1. The major disease encountered was cane blight. The main conclusions were that a yield potential of 20 t ha-1 with some cultivars was attainable, that growers should be able to pick at least 7 t ha-1, that cane blight needed to be controlled, and cane density rearranged so that there were fewer canes per linear metre and the rows were placed closer together.