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Evaluation of Jatrophane Esters from Euphorbia spp. as Modulators of Candida albicans Multidrug Transporters

Esposito, Mélissa, Nim, Shweta, Nothias, Louis-Félix, Gallard, Jean-François, Rawal, Manpreet Kaur, Costa, Jean, Roussi, Fanny, Prasad, Rajendra, Di Pietro, Attilio, Paolini, Julien, Litaudon, Marc
Journal of natural products 2017 v.80 no.2 pp. 479-487
ABC transporters, Candida albicans, Euphorbia, antifungal properties, cytotoxicity, diterpenoids, esters, fluconazole, synergism, yeasts
Twenty-nine jatrophane esters (1–10, 12–30) and one lathyrane (11) diterpenoid ester isolated from Euphorbia species were evaluated for their capacity to inhibit drug-efflux activities of the primary ABC transporter CaCdr1p and the secondary MFS transporter CaMdr1p of Candida albicans, in yeast strains overexpressing the corresponding transporter. These diterpenoid esters were obtained from Euphorbia semiperfoliata (1–10), E. insularis (11), and E. dendroides (12–30) and included five new compounds, euphodendroidins P–T (26–30). The jatrophane esters 12 and 23 were found to inhibit the efflux of Nile Red (NR) mediated by the two multidrug transporters, at 85–64% for CaCdr1p and 79–65% for CaMdr1p. In contrast, compound 21 was selective for CaCdr1p and induced a strong inhibition (92%), whereas compound 8 was selective for CaMdr1p, with a 74% inhibition. It was demonstrated further that potency and selectivity are sensitive to the substitution pattern on the jatrophane skeleton. However, these compounds were not transported and showed no synergism with fluconazole cytotoxicity.