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Temporal 18O and deuterium variations in hydrologic components of a small watershed during a typhoon event

Qu, Simin, Wang, Yifan, Zhou, Minmin, Liu, Han, Shi, Peng, Yu, Zhongbo, Xiang, Long
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 2017 v.53 no.2 pp. 172-183
deuterium, groundwater, hydrograph, lakes, oxygen, rain, stable isotopes, surface water, temporal variation, throughfall, typhoons, watersheds, China
The differences between δ ¹⁸O and δ ²H in throughfall and open rainfall were studied for a selected typhoon event in a watershed within the Taihu Lake drainage basin, eastern China. In this event, the isotopic composition of precipitation exhibited a strong temporal variation. Comparison results show that an isotopic composition difference existed not only between gross rainfall and average incremental rainfall, but also between different calculation methods used to derive average. The differences between incremental precipitation and throughfall isotopic composition were observed in this study. Considering the temporal variation in rainfall and throughfall during this typhoon event, the incremental value can have an effect on hydrograph separation more accurately in evaluating the importance of ‘new’ water. In addition, isotopic fluctuations of surface water and groundwater differed from those of rainfall and throughfall throughout the event.