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An advance air-induced air-assisted electrostatic nozzle with enhanced performance

Patel, Manoj Kumar, Praveen, Bushra, Sahoo, Hemant Kumar, Patel, Bharat, Kumar, Ashwani, Singh, Manjeet, Nayak, Manoj Kumar, Rajan, Pradeep
Computers and electronics in agriculture 2017 v.135 pp. 280-288
droplets, electric power, electrostatic interactions, energy use and consumption, human health, ions, neutralization, pesticides, risk, sprayers, spraying
There is a pressing need of new chemical application sprayer for small scale farms in Indian agricultural pesticides spraying. A new air-assisted electrostatic nozzle has been designed and developed for small scale farms with a specific focus on Indian agricultural and rural developing economies. An air-assisted electrostatic nozzle is a combination of an air-assisted nozzle and induction based electrostatic charging system. Spray droplets are electrified to more than 10mC/kg charge-to-mass ratio by charging voltage less than 2.5kV at liquid flow of 150ml/min and electric power consumption less than 75mW. Higher charge-to-mass ratio ensured the high range spraying distance to overcome the charge neutralization by recombination of naturally occurring ions present in the environment and charged liquid droplets. The results of applied induction electrification process were characterized by a charge-to-mass ratio and the results are in good agreement with the theoretical considerations. There has been 2–3 fold increase of liquid deposition with better uniformity on the obscured as well as front target. This nozzle is light weight, highly efficient, reduces pesticide use and human health risks, and eco-friendly.