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Thermal properties of honey as affected by the addition of sugar syrup

Sobrino-Gregorio, Lara, Vargas, María, Chiralt, Amparo, Escriche, Isabel
Journal of food engineering 2017 v.213 pp. 69-75
Helianthus annuus, adulterated products, calorimeters, glass transition temperature, honey, sugars, syrups, thermal properties
Ensuring the authenticity of honey is a priority for producers and regulatory authorities. The aim of this work was to evaluate the thermal properties (using a Differential Scanning Calorimeter “DSC”) of ten types of sugar syrup, six types of honey and mixtures of sunflower honey with all these syrups at different proportions simulating the adulteration of honey (ratio honey/syrup: 80/20; 90/10; 95/05). The glass transition temperature (Tg midpoint) ranged from 60.2 °C to 67.3 °C in honey samples and from 32.8 °C to 95.8 °C in syrup samples. The differences in sugar composition of the syrups mainly affect their thermal properties. In the adulterated samples, the glass transition temperature was affected by the type of syrup, proportionally to the adulteration level. These results offer compelling evidence that the DSC can be used for the identification of addition of syrup to honey, although to be conclusive a greater number of honey types must be considered.