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Seaweeds: A traditional ingredients for new gastronomic sensation

Rioux, Laurie-Eve, Beaulieu, Lucie, Turgeon, Sylvie L.
Food hydrocolloids 2017 v.68 pp. 255-265
cities, cooking, cuisine, flavor, hydrocolloids, ingredients, macroalgae, marketing, minerals, nutrients, recipes, sensation, sushi, texture, Canada, United States
Seaweeds have a long tradition in Asian cuisine. In Canada and US, seaweed consumption is mostly limited to sushi and other imported Asian dish. However, seaweeds are well recognized for their richness in several nutrients such as fiber, protein and minerals. But what is limiting seaweed and seaweed derived ingredients utilization in home cooking? Finding fresh seaweeds within inland cities is one limiting step but also the seaweed marketing need to propel the image that seaweed are not only nutritive but can bring flavor and texture in cuisine dish. With the rise of TV cooking shows, blogs and online recipes hosted by several renowned chefs, it is now time to bring seaweed in the spotlight. The aim of this review is to look at seaweeds to support a wider use in culinary applications for their nutritional contribution but also from a sensory perspective.