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Research on the data transmission optimization for building energy consumption monitoring system based on fuzzy self-adaptation method

Zhao, Liang, Zhang, Jili
Energy 2015 v.93 pp. 1385-1393
controllers, energy, energy conservation, monitoring
BECMP (building energy consumption monitoring platform) offers powerful help to realize building energy conservation by collecting energy consumption data. A great quantity BECMPs have been established all over the world in recent years. However, packet loss problem begins to appear when the scale of BECMP is large enough and the network congestion happen. This paper presents a fuzzy control transmission methodology in order to solve the problem based on network delay. The proposed method could adjust the data transmission strategy according to the network congestion level by changing packet interval and packet size to adapt the changes of network load, and improve the quality and efficiency of data transmission. Three novel transmission controllers are proposed, VPI-FSaTC (varying packet interval fuzzy self-adaptive transmission controller), VPS-FSaTC (varying packet size fuzzy self-adaptive transmission controller), and VPIS-FSaTC (varying packet interval & size fuzzy self-adaptive transmission controller). The simulation results indicates that, the packet loss ratio decreases 23%, 71% and 79% by VPI-FSaTC, VPS-FSaTC and VPIS-FSaTC, respectively, compared to the default transmission method.